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An official Artwork section will be added to the site in the near future. It will consist of different types of art, such as drawings or logos.

When I figure out how to upload drawings, I shall add the section.
Logos for each episode have been released! Check them out here:

Series One writer William Shaughnessy has officially confirmed a Series 2 for his series.

Recently, when asked about the future of his series, he said that he has "plans" for a Series 2. He has now revealed that a second series will happen in late 2013 and/or early 2014. He says:
"Well, it was too good to resist. It was inevitable. I've got the main bulk of the arc sorted out. I'll recruit some new writers for this one."
The second series will possibly be a lot different to the first.
In an interview, series writer William Shaughnessy (aka YouWillObeyMe) tells us his plans on the series. What follows is a set of questions and answers about the future...

It has been confirmed that a "prequel" (or rather a prelude) for One Day, the first episode of the series, will be released soon. It takes place directly after the events of The Angels Take Manhattan, and gives us a deeper insight into the Doctor's loss of the Ponds and how it affected him.

It will be released on Friday 23rd November 2012, the 49th anniversary of the show.
It has been officially announced that all synopses and quotes pertaining to the episodes will be released one per day tomorrow (19th November) starting with Moonlight.

The synopsis and quote for One Day has already been released, though the quote is from the 1964 TV episode Flashpoint (Episode 6 of The Dalek Invasion of Earth). However, it might just make its way into the story itself...

In case you were wondering what the quotes are, they are, as the name suggests, quotes from the stories, put above the synopses on the page.
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