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Welcome to the site. 

As you've probably read the Home Page already, I shan't go into detail of what this site is about. However, I wish you all a very warm welcome and hope you enjoy any of the stories on the site. It brings me great pleasure to once and for all publish my fan-fiction to the Internet.

The page you have just been re-directed from, or are on, depending on whether you clicked the link or not, is the News page, where any new info will be published. The first official article will be posted soon.

That's everything new I can say in here, but I once again hope you enjoy this site and my stories.

19/11/2012 9:43am

Nice website! Check out my website! Comment on it!

19/11/2012 10:19am

Thanks. Checked the website - very good.

19/11/2012 10:31am

Could you post a comment on some of the articles? I'm a bit low on comments so far. Thanks!

19/11/2012 9:44am Here is the link.

19/11/2012 10:21am

"I'm a massive Whovian (go figure), who is an aspiring writer, artist and musician. Whovian, Writer, Artist, Musician and Whovain?! are you Omega mixed with Rassilon!?

19/11/2012 10:32am

Nope, but I'm good at those things. Pretty much horrible at everything else. Except for maybe drama.

19/11/2012 10:40am

You lucky sod :P

19/11/2012 1:46pm

Strange That most Doctor Who fan fic people also act! Well they say Imagination Is the actors best skill!

19/11/2012 10:46am

(reply to below)

If only I could like comments...

19/11/2012 10:50am

It's the thought that counts :P

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